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CAD/CAM Computers to ship 1,000MHz (1GHz) Computer

CAD/CAM Computers is a supplier of computers especially designed with the CAD/CAM professional in mind. We do not sell you computers that were designed for the average home user as other manufacturers do. CAD/CAM Computers sells high end machines that are specifically designed to provide the power needed to run today's demanding CAD and CAM applications with speed and reliability.

We highly recommend our systems to operations that are running the following software in particular;

These applications are not the only software that will benefit from the careful design and construction of our systems. All software will get a speed boost from our high end processors and top quality components. The care we use in constructing these systems will show itself in more system reliability and less crashes.


CAD/CAM Computers will be shipping a 1,000MHz (1GHz) computer later this year. The system will use an AMD K7 processor, also known as the Athlon. While there are not very many of these chips in circulation at the current time, all benchmarks indicate that this new chip from AMD is much faster than an equivalent Pentium III. The 1GHz speed is achieved by cooling the CPU down to -40°F in a special case built by Kryotech. Add the Oxygen OpenGL video card, SCSI hard drive, 21" monitor and Windows NT or Windows 98, and you have the ultimate CAD/CAM workstation.

For more information about Kryotech's super-cooling technology, or AMD's K7 Athlon processor, visit them with the links below.
Visit AMD's K7 site Visit Kryotech

What Components Go Into a CAD/CAM Computer System?

Have a look at our Components Directory. There you will find information on the companies that make the components that go into our systems.  

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